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Acute Care software, Cloud-based, Compliant Solution Integrated with Your HIS

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Increase therapist productivity, satisfaction and retention with specialty acute care EHR software

Net Health Therapy for Hospitals - Acute benefits include :

  • Productivity optimization throughout entirety of acute care department
  • At-a-glance insights into workload
  • Daily flow tracking ensuring clear communication 
  • Employee satisfaction and staff retention improvement
  • Timely and actionable data to inform clinical and administrative decision-making
  • Hospital information system (HIS) integration
  • Specialty acute EMR
  • HIPAA - compliant
  • Enjoy on-demand information access

“The Net Health Therapy team provided our rehab department with a smooth individualized transition from ReDoc Classic to Net Health Therapy for Hospitals - Acute ensuring that every need was met in acute care services. From development, implementation, go-live, to support, each area went above and beyond to adapt to CPSI, organization, facility workflow and patient specific needs. If there was a bump in the road, the team found a way to transform that challenge into an easy solution.”

Jamie McMichael,
Rehab Director, Ohio County Healthcare