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Net Health Therapy for Hospitals - Outpatient

 Boost Efficiency with a Specialty EHR

Cloud-based, Compliant Solution Integrated with Your HIS

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Increase therapist productivity, satisfaction and retention

Net Health for Hospitals - Outpatient benefits include :

  • Reduction in documentation time
  • Improvement in clinical and financial results
  • Seamless management of provider and patient scheduling
  • Streamline outpatient therapy billing processes
  • Improvement of coding accuracy 
  • Customizable and therapy-specific reporting capabilities 
  • Cloud-based, HIPAA compliant
  • Hospital information system (HIS) integration

“We've made some substantial gains with staffing, productivity and staff retention. I tell everybody that if you want to look like a rock star, and if you had revenue issues before, give Net Health Therapy a look because you could wind up being a rock star. It's just that simple”

Aaron Kubistek, MBA, CHT
Director of Rehabilitation Services, East Liverpool City Hospital