Webinar Series

Casamba Clinic Web 3.x Product Tour

Clinic Web gives you significant advantages over Clinic Desktop. You'll be more productive, operate more securely, and provide a better experience for your patients. Join this education webinar series to explore the new Web-based components of Casamba Clinic

On-Demand Sessions

All Product Tour sessions are recorded and available here.   
Optimize Scheduling with Casamba Clinic's Redesigned Scheduler Casamba Clinic Web 3.0 has a redesigned scheduler that improves the efficiency of your front desk.  Lean how the scheduler can help you match patients with clinicians, reduce scheduling or insurance conflicts, enhance the patient experience, and improve staff communications. 
Streamlining Billing Workflows with Clinic Web 3.x - Clinic Billing is now completely on the Web.  We've made numerous improvements to make billing more efficient, such as new worklists that drive action, job scheduling that eliminates manual work, and newly consolidated screens.
Overview of Casamba Clinic Web Enhanced Reporting - Clinic Web has multiple enhanced reports to help you manage your clinical, scheduling, and billing processes effectively and efficiently.  Our enhanced reporting gives you easy access to the data you need to make informed clinical and business decisions.
Improving Clinical Workflows with Casamba Clinic Web 3.0 - Casamba Clinic Web 3.0 has efficient workflow navigation to help you spend less time clicking and more time treating your patients.  Learn how Clinic Web enables smooth and efficient workflows by letting you access patient assessment details easily through the Patient Landing Page, manage important tasks through the Notification Center, and log in without having to connect through a Citrix environment.
Advanced Billing Improvements in Casamba Clinic Web 3.0 - Clinic Billing Web has consolidated numerous screens to improve efficiencies in editing accounts and claims to fix issues that may arise during your day-to-day billing responsibilities, as well as enhancements to requeuing/reprinting claims and auto-reassignment queue.  Save time and effort with Clinic Billing Web!

Upcoming Sessions

We are currently planning additional Product Tour sessions.  Please check back later to register and learn about the following Clinic Web 3.x advantages:

Clinical Improvements

  • Enhancing Patient Interaction with Casamba Clinic's Scheduler –  Clinic Web 3.x allows you to concurrently work on multiple patients and cases  and easily move between scheduling and billing tasks 
  • Streamlined Authorization Processes with Casamba Clinic's Scheduler – Learn how Clinic Web 3.x enables you to track plan of care certification and auto populate FSC and/or Billing Rules Payor and/or Account Type
  • Enhanced Security with Casamba Clinic Web 3.x – Clinic Web offers security advantages such as multi-factor authentication and single sign on. 
  • Improving Clinical Decisions with Casamba Clinic's Enhanced Knowledge Base We've improved the performance of Clinic Web's knowledge base so you can take advantage of this great resource.

Billing Improvements

  • Enhanced Payment Automation and Improved Manual Entry Efficiency – Clinic Billing Web has included additional payment scenarios to the Electronic Remittance Advice payment posting logic, improved the patient payment import process, as well as consolidated screens to make transaction entry more efficient.
  • Improved Collection Processes – Clinic Billing Web has significantly improved the collection work file process with configurable grid controls by user, collections action defaults to minimize data entry, and the ability to schedule work file jobs that append to existing work files vs creating new work files.