6 Patient Engagement Strategies for Rehab Therapy Clinics

Actionable tactics your team can implement right away to stimulate patient engagement.

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Achieving a high level of patient engagement is an essential element to running a successful physical therapy practice or hospital rehab department. Maintaining meaningful connection with patients ensures high patient attendance, low self-discharge rates, and completed plans of care, all of which ultimately lead to better clinical outcomes. Further still, these highly-engaged, satisfied patients are an extremely powerful referral source who share positive reviews that help maintain a steady flow of future patients and grow your business.

How can your clinic stimulate patient engagement and improve attendance rate, reviews, referrals, and outcomes?

Download our free E-book to discover six powerful patient engagement strategies to get patients more involved and highly-engaged in their treatment, including how to:

  • Establish a patient pledge
  • Have meaningful, data-driven conversations
  • Maintain open dialogue about missed appointments
  • Leverage email beyond appointment reminders
  • Encourage staff participation
  • Ask for reviews and referrals
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6 Strategies to Stimulate Patient Engagement in Rehab Therapy