How-to Guide for Part B in the ALF/Home

Advice for Rehab Consultants Seeking to Expand Their Service Options

Covid-19 has forced outpatient therapy practices to rapidly adapt to new care methods, in particular at-home visits. But the truth is, the trend towards at-home care has been on the rise for years. And savvy outpatient therapy practices are capitalizing on the movement.

Don't get left behind in this growth opportunity in ALF/Home settings. Expand your business in the ALF/Home setting.

In this free eBook, nationally recognized physical therapist, lecturer, and president of Rehab Resources & Consulting, Ellen Strunk, offers invaluable insights into what delivering Part B rehabilitation services in the home actually means, how it fits into your current business model, and what pitfalls to look out for. 

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  • Why you should consider an at-home model for growth
  • What Part B Rehab in the Home really is
  • Who can participate and how
  • Important considerations to Part B Rehab care
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