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3 Ways Real-Time Data Improves Acute Care Therapy Workflows

How to streamline patient care and therapist workflows with real-time data.

How to Convert Your Hospital Therapy Department from a Cost Center to a Profit Driver

In hospitals across the country, rehab therapists are still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to daily duties of patient care and management, acute care therapists have been tasked with screening staff and visitors, reconfiguring treatment centers, and upholding proper pandemic protocol. To keep workflows fluid, therapy staff have been asked to do far more with less resources than ever before.

Fortunately, one approach has proven effective at keeping productivity high and stress manageable for acute care therapists: strategically utilizing real-time data.

The availability of actionable real-time data has allowed therapists to manage stress, streamline patient care, and simplify their daily workload. Download this free E-book to discover how the pandemic has reinforced the need for real-time data and how it can improve your acute care therapy workflows.

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  • The new definition of “real-time data” in a post-COVID world
  • How to reduce reliance on manual methods of patient management
  • The importance of reducing documentation cycle time
  • How to streamline standardized outcome measurements
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3 Ways Real-Time Data Improves Acute Care Therapy Workflows