Recording and Tracking Tool for Employee Health Immunization

Get Convenient, Accurate, and Compliant Employee Health Tracking with Net Health’s Mobile Immunization Tracking

Net Health’s Mobile Immunization allows users to record and track employee immunization.

A web-based, easy to navigate application that tracks patient verification, consent forms, Vaccine Information Statements (VIS), and allows for easy distribution of administration and confirmation information.

       Bar graph with downward trend Convenient

• Application runs on tablet or laptop

• Patient data can be loaded from Agility

• Immunization data will then be sent back to Agility 

• Confirmation can be printed and/or emailed to the patient
       Alarm clock Compliant 
• Allow for electronically recording patient consent forms

• Immunization data and VIS is pulled directly from CDC
       Diploma Accurate

• Scan patient badges to quickly identify employees

• Increase speed of data entry 

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This Is An Employee Health Management Tool.


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