Introducing Net Health’s Mobile Immunization Tracking

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Net Health’s Mobile Immunization Webinar

Get more information about our web-based, easy to navigate application that tracks patient verification, consent forms, Vaccine Information Statements (VIS), and allows for easy distribution of administration and confirmation information.

       Bar graph with downward trend Convenient

• Application runs on tablet or laptop

• Patient data can be loaded from Agility

• Immunization data will then be sent back to Agility 

• Confirmation can be printed and/or emailed to the patient

       Alarm clock Compliant 
• Allow for electronically recording patient consent forms

• Immunization data and VIS is pulled directly from CDC

       Diploma Accurate

• Scan patient badges to quickly identify employees

• Increase speed of data entry 


Net Health Q&A Webinar: Mobile Immunization Tracking | Webinar Recording

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