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Net Health® Data Solutions for Wound Care

The largest database in wound care information

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Primary market research and ongoing clinical studies can be costly and time-consuming. Data collected on millions of wounds from Net Health’s wound care EMR, Net Health Wound Care®, will give you valuable insight into the behavior of the wound care market. Net Health has been capturing patient and wound data since 2001. Access to Net Health’s data solutions provides you with competitive market intelligence and the critical information you need for your research.

Net Health Data Solutions for Wound Care can be used by academic, government, and private research groups in both retrospective and prospective research projects to learn about product and treatment efficacy, size of chronic wound market, and successful product penetration. Net Health Data Solutions for Wound Care is available for license to qualified individuals and organizations for use in clinical, operational and financial research.

The largest independent source for comprehensive chronic wound data in the U.S. healthcare market.

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