Introducing Net Health Business Insights for Employee Health


Net Health Business Insights is a web-based dashboard tool designed to deliver at-a-glance Employee Health insights about compliance, patient flow, illness and injury rates, and cost data. Learn more:

eBook: 4 Employee Health KPIs for Hospital Executives 
We recommend 4 KPIs that can help improve strategic decision-making:

  • Employee compliance with recommend immunizations
  • Patient flow and throughput
  • Employee illness and injury rates
  • Cost of employee healthcare

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Blog: The Employee Health KPIs Every Executive Should Be Tracking
“Now more than ever busy executives need quick access to critical employee health data,” said Josh Pickus, CEO of Net Health. 

Press Release: Introducing Net Health Business Insights for Employee Health
Intuitive and robust dashboard provides insights executives need to better manage their employee health programs.

Datasheet: Empower your clinic’s decisions for better outcomes

  • Reduce costs by identifying and mitigating injury root causes leading to lost time and money.
  • Identify gaps in employee compliance.
  • Increase productivity by staffing clinics efficiently to curb employee wait times.
  • Monitor year-over-year trends and detect areas of rising cost.


Net Health Business Insights For Employee Health | eBook

Net Health | Employee Health

Intuitive and robust executive dashboard