Specialized EHR for Hospital Therapy

Better Together: Manage Acute Care and Outpatient with Net Health Therapy

Get the specialized tools you need to improve your hospital therapy operations.

Improve your hospital therapy operations with Net Health Therapy for Acute Care + Outpatient.

Net Health Therapy is your all-in-one, cloud-based EHR for hospital rehab therapy in both acute care and outpatient settings. For acute care, get the digital Patient Management Board and real-time Clinician Worklist to efficiently manage therapists' daily case flow via live updates and new assignments. With our outpatient solution, you’ll have powerful, therapy-specific clinical workflows, practice management tools, and more to boost efficiency, performance, and outcomes.

Adopting both solutions yields even better results, including:

  • Staff familiarity with a single solution used across multiple settings reduces training time, creates consistent processes, and improves user experience
  • Single interface set up for seamless integration with your HIS results in both cost and time savings
  • Consistent data source and data management for better reporting and comparable metrics
  • Increased continuity of care with shared access to clinical information, immediate access to medical history, and improved therapist communication across settings
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Net Health Therapy for Acute Care + Outpatient

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