Powerful Tools for Monitoring Employee Health in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Get Reliable, Efficient, and Compliant Employee Health Tracking with Agility® for SNFs

Net Health’s Agility® software tracks employee health data for more than one million healthcare workers in the United States, and now this comprehensive and easy-to-use documentation solution is available to meet the unique requirements of SNFs.

  • Safeguard Regulatory Compliance – Manage and track immunization and surveillance programs like a pro. Track injuries, illness, and exposures with ease. Streamline reporting and share data with your internal stakeholders.
  • One Record, Clean and Separate Data – Distinguish, protect, and secure occupational health records separate from general medical data in a single, patient-centric record. It's easier than ever to maintain crucial patient confidentiality.
  • Keep the Lines of Communication Open – Function-packed portals will lighten the load for your Employee Health Department or Human Resources staff. Engage managers in their teams' compliance and give employees easy conveniences.

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