Specialized EHR for Acute Care

Boost Efficiency, Performance, and Outcomes with Net Health Therapy for Acute Care

Get the specialized tools you need to manage your acute care clinic.

Toss the whiteboard and supercharge your acute care workload management.

Net Health Therapy for Acute Care streamlines patient and therapist management while driving compliance and keeping your HIS, clinical team, and rehabilitation providers informed with up-to-date patient information. This specialized solution integrates seamlessly with your HIS, so you’ll automatically receive order updates and location changes in real-time.

  • Never Visit an Empty Room Again – Use the digital Patient Management Board and real-time Clinician Worklist to control therapists' daily case flow via live updates, new assignments, and reassignments as necessary.
  • Therapy Documentation Stays Connected – Keep your HIS up-to-date by directing data right where it's needed, seamlessly, with four key interfaces: ADT (Admission, Discharge, Transfer), Orders, Clinical Documentation Results, and Billing
  • Fast + Accurate Documentation – Great design, configurable workflows, and visual cues improve therapists’ effectiveness and make it intuitive to produce complete, compliant documentation right from the start.

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