WoundExpert® + Tissue Analytics

Market leaders combine in wound care clinical documentation, wound imaging and predictive analytics

Seamlessly capture and upload wound images and documentation to the WoundExpert platform.

Tissue Analytics solutions are used by hospitals, individual clinicians, and product manufacturers for delivery of wound care services as well as management of clinical trials. Capabilities include:

  • Wound Imaging - Rich wound imaging and automated measurement technology enabling highly consistent 2D and 3D wound measurements
  • Mobile Application - A mobile application for patient use that allows providers to monitor chronic wounds remotely
  • Integration - Deep integration with well-known hospital EHR systems, facilitating seamless delivery of wound care in both inpatient and outpatient settings
  • Predictive Analytics - Advanced machine learning algorithms and expertise critical to the expansion of predictive analytics in wound care and other clinical specialties

The Tissue Analytics application will be fully integrated with Net Health's industry-leading WoundExpert® EHR solution.

Learn how to add key capabilities for use within hospital outpatient settings. Allow clinicians to capture and seamlessly upload wound images and other documentation, including automated measurements, to the WoundExpert platform. Download the brochure to learn how you can impact your patient outcomes.


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