4 Tips for Embracing PDPM with Success

Now that the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) regulations are here to stay, how is your long-term care or skilled nursing facility adjusting?

Is your staff struggling with the new responsibilities and tasks? Do they fully understand the changes to the rules regarding how Minimum Data Set assessments?

By now, you may be facing some challenges and could use fresh insights to help your organization address inefficiencies so you can be more successful.

Download this eBook to gain a greater understanding about: 

  • Why the Minimum Data Set (MDS) Assessment is more important than ever before under PDPM 
  • What to focus on with your PDPM training programs
  • How to properly align records and payments and ensure accuracy
  • The importance of data collection to prevent takebacks and audits

Download the ebook to help your organization continue its transition to new policies and procedures under PDPM.

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Ebook: 4 Tips for Embracing PDPM with Success