Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries

How Your HAPI Management Program Can Make or Break Your Bottom Line

The 5 Key Areas to Understand and Address

Combatting hospital-acquired pressure injuries, or HAPIs, has taken on new urgency in the COVID era. The rate of HAPIs is rising, and so are the costs associated with treating them. It’s estimated that 2.5 million people will suffer a PI this year, and $26.8 billion will be spent caring for them. A single HAPI can cost a hospital up to $70,000 to treat. 

What You'll Learn:

The e-Book explores the five areas vital to understanding why and how to upgrade your HAPI Management Program: 

  • The staggering cost and impact of HAPIs on hospitals and patients 
  • Factors contributing to the HAPI surge 
  • The high cost of inaction—penalties hospitals face from federal agencies and payers for not lowering HAPI rates 
  • Existing and emerging technologies proven to reduce HAPIs 
  • The Return on Investment achievable with the right technology and partner 

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